Charges for Services

CCSF: Charges for Services as of May 1, 2017

Affinity Chromatographyper run$100.00
Affinity Column1 ml$150.00
Affinity Column5 ml$200.00
Antibody conjugation$100.00
Antibody purification (protein G) per liter1 L$60.00
Antibody purification (protein G) SetupEA$100.00
Autoclave, sterilizationper cycle$10.00
Cell Culture T150$60.00
Cell Culture T25$50.00
Cell Culture T75$55.00
Cell Culture, Personnel Training$600.00
Cell Line Flask 14/14Ea$400.00
Cell Line Flask 7/21 - Set UpEa$350.00
Cell Line Flask 7/21 - Weekly ChargeEa$50.00
DNA isolation from 10 ml blood, 1 to 5 samplesEA$43.00
DNA isolation from 10 ml blood, 6 to 12 samplesEA$33.00
Drosophila medium (Dextrose), 10 ml /vial100 vials$29.00
Drosophila medium (Dextrose), 75 ml /bottle25 bottles$31.00
Drosophila medium (Molasses), 10 ml /vial100 vials$29.50
Drosophila medium (Molasses), 12 ml /vial100 vials$30.20
Drosophila medium (Molasses), 16 ml /vial100 vials$33.00
Drosophila medium (Molasses), 75 ml/bottle25 bottles$32.00
EBV Transformation$250.00
EBV Transformation AttemptEA$50.00
Endotoxin test (1-2 tests per test)$27.00
Endotoxin test (3 or more tests per test)$22.00
Fab Fragmentation - DigestionEA$90.00
Fab Fragmentation - Purification$100.00
Fab Fragmentation - SDS-PAGE$40.00
Freezing Cellsper vial$10.00
Fusion - Expansion of Positive Clones (hybridoma)per clone$20.00
Fusion - Immunization (Outsourced, 2 mice, 5 injections ea)2 mice$600.00
Fusion - Immunization (Outsourced, 2 Rabbit, 5 injections ea)EA$1,000.00
Fusion - KLH ConjugationEA$150.00
Fusion - Lymphocytes from 1 spleen into 10 x 96 well plateEA$190.00
Fusion - Lymphocytes from 1 spleen into 20 x 96 well plateEA$260.00
Fusion - Maintenace & Harvesting of Supernatants for Testing10 plates$500.00
Fusion - Screening of Supernatants by ELISA10 plates$1,000.00
Fusion - Screening of Supernatants by ELISA20 plates$2,000.00
Fusion - Subcloning by Limiting Dilutionper clone$100.00
Hollow Fiber cartridge setupmedium$570.00
Hollow Fiber cartridge setuplarge$825.00
Hollow Fiber Run large cartridgeper week$346.00
Hollow Fiber run medium cartridgeper week$240.00
Immunization, each guinea pigEA$350.00
Joklik Medium1 L$9.00
Liquid N2 storage (monthly/per vial)$0.40
Lymphocyte isolation$60.00
Mycoplasma test, MycoAlert,  > 3 samplesper sample$26.00
Mycoplasma test, MycoAlert, 1-3 samplesper sample$32.00
Primary Cell Culture - T150T150$25.00
Primary Cell Culture -Roller BottleEA$150.00
Roller Bottle Culture (supernatant production) >5 literper L$100.00
Roller Bottle Culture (supernatant production) 1-5 literper liter$110.00
Roller Bottle Culture, Baculo Virusper L$120.00
Roller Bottle Culture, Joklik Mediumper liter$54.00
Services - Miscellaneous Chargeea$1.00
Special Media (10L or more powder provided by customer)1 liter$18.00
Special Media (10L or more)-per L cost + cost of powder1 liter$18.00
Sterile Hood Usageper hour$10.00
Transfection - Expansion of Positive Clones (transfection)per Clone$70.00
Transfection - Freezing Positive Clonesper vial$17.00
Transfection - Transient, 4 chamber slideper slide$15.00
Transfection and Selection of up to 24 Clones (per construct)EA$400.00
Transient Transfection, per unitEA$1.00
Western Blots (1 gel at a time)EA$105.00
Western Blots (per 2 gels run at same time)EA$140.00