Cell Culture Training Schedule

The facility trains laboratory personnel in basic sterile and tissue culture techniques.

Day 1

  • Discuss the basics about mammalian cell culture and tissue culture laboratory set up including culture hood, CO 2 incubator, water bath and inverted microscope. Explain media preparation and the use of two cell lines- SP2/O (suspension) and NIH3T3 (attached).
  • Show how to prepare media.
  • Start the culture of one cell line SP2/O or NIH3T3.

Day 3

  • Look at the cells under an inverted microscope, explain cell viability.
  • Counting of cells by hemocytometer.
  • Depending on the cell count, proceed to split the cells.
  • The trainee can prepare the media for the other cell line.

Day 5

  • Start the other line, explain the properties of attached cells vs the cells in suspension, how to harvest cells.
  • Continue working with the first cell line, make flask for the weekend.

Day 8

  • The cells (Ist line) are ready to freeze, explain cell freezing procedure, and freeze two-three vials.
  • Trypsinize and split the attached cells, count cells.

Day 10

  • Freeze the attached cells.

Day 12

  • Start one of the frozen vials. Discussion of cell culture procedures with Dr. T. Ganguly.