QIAGEN siRNA ordering instructions page

Ordering Individual siRNAs:

Order siRNAs against any Human, Mouse or Rat gene online at the Cell Center website.

  • Go to Qiagen’s website and find your specific siRNA.
  • Select your siRNA or gene-specific primer and add it to your cart.
  • E-mail your cart to the Stockroom at ccoligo@mail.med.upenn.edu.
  • In the comments section you must include your name, PI name, telephone number and fund that the Stockroom is to charge for the order, as well as delivery address if you do not want to pick it up upon arrival.

Ordering multiple (36 or more) siRNAs in a plate:

siRNAs against any Human or Mouse gene. You can select your siRNAs online and email your custom plate directly to the Cell Center for ordering.

FlexiPlate siRNA

Special introductory pricing! siRNAs for as low as $19.00 each!

Instructions can be found here in PDF format

The link below will take you to QIAGENs website to begin the process:

Click here to design and order your custom siRNA plate.