DNA/RNA QC for NGS and Other Applications

DNA and RNA qualities are critical factors in the success of many experiments including microarray analysis and next generation sequencing (NGS). The facility offers a number of services relevant to NGS library construction as well as more general DNA/RNA quality assessment.

Quantification: Accurate quantification of input material is important to efficient library construction. We will quantify your sample using Invitrogen’s Qubit 2.0 flourometer.

DNA Fragment Size Selection: In NGS precise size selection helps ensure uniformity of read lengths and reduces the impact of short fragments on total sequencing throughput. The facility performs size selection of DNA fragments with a target size range between 90bp and 1.5kb using the Sage Science Pippin Prep instrument.

DNA/RNA visualization: To assess DNA/RNA quality, the success of size selection during library construction, and the quality of a final NGS library the Agilent 2100 BioAnalyzer is an invaluable tool, providing DNA/RNA fragment size distribution information as well as concentration within a specifiable range. The facility offers full service RNA 6000 Pico, RNA 6000 Nano, DNA 1000, and DNA High Sensitivity assays to quickly and accurately visualize your samples.

All services are available singly or as a total package with rapid turnaround.

Penn Genomics Analysis Core is an Abramson Cancer Center Shared Resource that is approved and partially funded by the National Cancer Institute.