On Animal Husbandry

Since all animal maintenance and subsequent breeding of transgenic mouse lines will be carried by the individual investigator, a knowledge of basic mouse husbandry is essential. Here are some basic guidelines and suggestions.

  • Mice are born 19-20 days after vaginal plug detection (i.e., successful mating).
  • If neonates do not show white stomach (milk) 24 hours after birth, suspect a bad mother; foster mother (lactating female) should be used or pups will die.
  • Litters should be weaned at 3 weeks after birth.
  • Sexual maturity of females: approximately 6 weeks; that of males; approximately 8 weeks. Maturing males should be housed individually as they tend to become aggressive with one another.
  • Watch for water bottle leaks; neglected wet cages can result in the death of animals.
  • For animal health problems in your colony or more specialized information, please contact the attending veterinarian of the University Laboratory Animal Resources.