Previous Kaushal Award Recipients

YearAwardeeThesis AdvisorPublication
2021 Predoctoral RecipientKamen SimeonovChris LengnerSingle-cell lineage tracing of metastatic cancer reveals selection of hybrid EMT states
2021 Postdoctoral RecipientTingfang ChenDoug EpsteinCochlear supporting cells require GAS2 for cytoskeletal architecture and hearing
2020 Predoctoral RecipientJennifer LuppinoEric JoyceCohesin promotes stochastic domain intermingling to ensure proper regulation of boundary-proximal genes
2020 Predoctoral RecipientEduardo Torre
Arjun RajGenetic screening for single-cell variability modulators driving therapy resistance
2020 Postdoctoral Recipient
Qi QiuHao WuMassively parallel and time-resolved RNA sequencing in single cells with scNT-Seq
2019 Predoctoral RecipientJeremy GrevetGerd BlobelDomain-focused CRISPR screen identifies HRI as a fetal hemoglobin regulator in human erythroid cells
2019 Postdoctoral RecipientHui ChenMatt GoodSpatiotemporal Patterning of Zygotic Genome Activation in a Model Vertebrate Embryo
2018 Predoctoral RecipientYong Kim
Mitch LazarRev-erbĪ± dynamically modulates chromatin looping to control circadian gene transcription
2018 Postdoctoral RecipientTakashi Akera
Michael LampsonMolecular and evolutionary strategies of meiotic cheating by selfish centromeres
2017 Predoctoral RecipientAlan Tang
Mark KahnEndothelial TLR4 and the microbiome drive cerebral cavernous malformations
2017 Postdoctoral RecipientDaniel Bose
Shelley BergerRNA Binding to CBP Stimulates Histone Acetylation and Transcription
2016 Predoctoral RecipientSumeet Khetarpal
Dan RaderLoss of Function of GALNT2 Lowers High-Density Lipoproteins in Humans, Nonhuman Primates, and Rodents
2016 Postdoctoral RecipientYao YaoDoug EpsteinDecoding enhancer activity in the developing brain