• Research

    We cover a broad range of topics in Genetics, including global genomics, epigenetics, single-cell biology, bioinformatics, & more.

  • Growth. Collaboration. Innovation.

    While our department grows in both faculty and students from across research areas, we not only encourage, but seek out, collaboration between these diverse interests to deliver impactful, innovative, interdisciplinary research.

  • Education

    With over 80 trainees actively pursuing exciting, cutting edge research in our labs, we are committed to supporting undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral education and mentorship.


This award is intended for outstanding members of the SMBE community who are in the early stages of an independent research career. The primary signal of research excellence is a trajectory of innovative, creative and…

Arjun Raj and Ophir Shalem receive funding to study key questions about SARS-CoV-2 and its cellular effects. Their team, along with Sydney Shaffer and Sarah Cherry, will focus on finding coronavirus fast—and following where it goes….

Congratulations to Jorge Henao-Mejia, Sarah Henrickson and Golnaz Vahedi for receiving a Chan Zuckerberg Initiative award to study inflammation’s role in childhood obesity. Learn more here.