Transfection of mammalian cells with or without selection of stable cell lines

The CCS will transfect suspension 293 cells (or another cell line as requested). We will then scale up the cells for protein production and provide the researcher with supernatant and/or cell pellet. Upon request we are able to purify antibodies or tagged recombinant proteins.

For selection of stable cell lines we will select with G418 and pick up to 24 positive clones. Expression of the specific recombinant protein is verified by Western blot with an antibody that is to be provided by the researcher.

These are the steps involved

  • Transfection of 1L suspension 293 cells for transient expression of recombinant protein
  • Transfection and production of 1L cells/supernatant
  • Transfection with selection of stable cell lines (suspension 293)
  • Transfection and selection of up to 24 positive clones
    • Expanding positive clones on T25 flasks
    • Freezing cells
    • Western blot

Please contact Sabine Baxter (215-898-2795) for details.